Be #StormSafe

Storm Safety

日博365开户致力于员工的安全, 客户和社区-特别是在恶劣天气期间.

在风暴季节,日博365开户知道日博365开户可能面临来自多个来源的无数危险. But the Tampa Bay area doesn’t have to experience a named storm to encounter hazardous conditions. Heavy rain, flooding and storm surge, strong winds and lightning can happen at any time. 而且,你不必住在海边. 内陆地区也面临风险. That’s why it’s essential that you know how to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger.

To help you stay safe, we’ve assembled important tips and resources on common severe weather safety issues. 日博365开户敦促您查看此信息. 把提前准备作为优先事项, monitor emergency officials for the latest weather conditionsm and use extreme caution during and after storms and severe weather.

日博365开户还建议您访问日博365开户的网站 Storm Center and downloading our Hurricane Brochure 提供有关安全及应对恶劣天气的实用资源及提示.

Severe Weather Safety

Knowledge is power. Be #StormWise when it comes to severe weather – know what to do and when to do it before it’s too late. 当遇到暴风雨时,遵循这些建议可以获得最好的结果.


Make a Plan Icon
Make a Plan

Create an Emergency Plan 给亲人和员工. 一定要为你的宠物和牲畜制定计划.

Pack Your Kit Icon
Pack Your Kit

Pack your 飓风应变资料袋 随时准备出发. 检查收音机、手电筒和电池,收集不易腐烂的食物.

Enroll Now Icon
Enroll Now

如果您依赖家用电动医疗设备,请注册日博365开户Medical Watch 项目和佛罗里达州的特殊需要登记处

参加医疗观察不提供优先恢复, 延长付款选项或保证不间断服务.

Stay Tuned Icon
Stay Tuned

Use a 美国国家海洋和大气管理局天气警报无线电 监测风暴更新和紧急通知.


Chill Food Icon
Chill Food

Turn refrigerators and freezers to their coldest settings; consider making blocks of ice and storing them in coolers; sanitize the bathtub and fill it with water. Visit food and water safety for more information.

Prevent Damage Icon
Prevent Damage

如果窗户或门破裂,保护您的贵重物品和家具免受损坏, 用塑料盖住它们,然后把它们移到房间的中央, away from windows.

If you are in a flood zone, pick up anything that could be damaged by water off the floor.

Turn Off Power Icon
Turn Off Power

关掉不必要的电器和电子产品, or unplug them, 以确保它们在暴风雨中不受浪涌的影响.

  • If you’re leaving your home for an extended period, switch off the power at the main breaker.
Prepare For Power Icon
Prepare For Power

如果发生停电,为家里的电力恢复做好准备. Tto help avoid damage, wait 5 to 10 minutes before turning appliances and electronics back on after the power is restored. This puts less stress on the power system and ensures all customers get restored without unnecessary delays.

  • 确保炉子上没有可燃物品, 没有小型电子设备开着, 或者其他潜在的危险情况.
  • Turn off as many appliances as possible that require electricity and turn them on individually after power is restored.
Repair Meter Damage

If 你的住宅电表系统 是否因恶劣天气而损坏, 365日博体育将修复服务线路, 连接和电表. Individual customers are responsible for repairing equipment related to the delivery of electric service to the home. 持牌电工应修理任何损坏的部件.

Lightning Safety

你知道佛罗里达是美国的雷击之都吗? 平均每85英里有110次闪电. Unfortunately, lightning strikes are more common during storm season – especially during severe weather. 记住,如果你听到雷声,那么闪电就在十英里之内. 看到闪电和听到雷声之间的时间间隔越短, 闪电离你越近. Protect yourself and your loved ones from dangerous lightning by following these safety tips during a storm.

Seek Shelter Icon
Seek Shelter

如果遇到闪电,请远离露天场所寻求庇护. Shelter in a low-lying area, house, large building, or an automobile with a metal roof. 远离门,保持窗户关闭.

Stay Away Icon
Stay Low

雷暴时不要躲在树下、电线或电线杆下. If you can’t find shelter, crouch down and put your feet together, with your hands over your ears.

Avoid Water Icon
Avoid Water

如果你在水里看到闪电, 尽快离开这里. Do not boat, fish engage in water-related activities or touch water when lightning is present.

Don’t Touch Icon
Don’t Touch

当闪电出现的时候, 不要接触任何金属物品,如汽车, electric wires, fences, machinery, motors, 高尔夫球具及球车, 自行车和电动工具.

Stay Far From Tornados

Find a sturdy shelter. 搬到最低层的室内房间,避免门窗.

Unplug ‘Em Icon
Unplug ‘Em

Turn off, unplug, 远离电器, headsets, landline telephones, computers, power tools, and TVs. Lightning can strike exterior electric and phone lines and send shocks to inside equipment.

Power Line Safety

电气危险随时随地都可能发生. Stay safe around power lines and other electrical hazards by following these tips, downloading our Power Line Safety flyer 并参观电气安全基金会 Power Line Safety site.

Avoid Power Lines Icon
Avoid Power Lines

尽量远离电线! 总是假设倒下的电线通电. 他们不需要砰砰作响来获得能量. NEVER TOUCH power lines, 或者任何接触到电线的人或物,比如树枝, fence, vehicle or even water. 如果你看到倒下的电线,请打电话 888-223-0800.

Drive Carefully Icon
Drive Carefully

DO NOT 从倒下的电线上开过去. 如果电源线接触到车辆的任何部分, stay inside and tell others to stay away until the line is safely removed and power is turned off. 如果你因为有生命危险而必须下车, DO NOT 下车时摸一下车. 跳出车外,双脚着地. 当你的脚着地时,拖着脚步或跳着离开车到一个安全的地方. 当你的脚着地时,身体的任何部分都不能接触到汽车.

Look Before You Trim

DO NOT 修剪接触或靠近电线的树木或植被. 只有合格的树木承包商才能修剪电线周围的树木. Use our online tree trimming form 报告可能干扰电力供应的树枝.

No Drones Icon
No Drones

DO NOT 在电力线附近放飞无人机或其他物体. 如果一个物体与电线纠缠在一起, DO NOT try to retrieve it. Call 911 然后打电话给365日博体育 877-588-1010.

Energized Solar Icon
Energized Solar

把太阳能电池板当作电力线. 避免掉落/损坏的太阳能电池板、电线和组件. 假设它们像电力线一样通电. 待在尽可能远的地方,然后打电话 911 for assistance.

Call 811 Icon
Mark Buried Power Lines

避免地下电线造成伤害. 无论你是在计划一个自己动手的项目还是雇佣一个专业人士,打电话给他们 811 or visit 挖掘前至少2个工作日. 为了您的安全,地下输电线将免费做标记.


Generator Safety

Portable generators can be a lifesaver during a power outage but are deadly if not used properly. 它们会造成火灾、一氧化碳中毒和触电的威胁. We urge you to follow these tips and read all the information provided by your generator manufacturer before use. 你也可以访问联邦应急管理局 Generator Safety 更多资讯网址.

Use Outside Icon
Use Outside

DO NOT 将便携式发电机连接到家庭电路上. 将电器直接插入发电机. 将发电机连接到家庭电路可能导致电力流向外部线路, 对修复人员构成威胁.

DO NOT operate portable generators indoors, in closed garages, near AC ducts, or in other enclosed areas. Portable generators operated in a residence or enclosed space can create deadly carbon monoxide gas.


Watch for Lineworkers

  • Please watch for utility crews and turn the generator off when crews are in your area. 电线上的电力负荷对维修人员来说是危险的.

Beware of Rain

  • DO NOT 在雨中运行无盖发电机. 在干燥的室外操作,以避免触电的威胁.

Use an Electrician

  • 请电工来修理发电机. 永远不要试图自己修理它.
  • Always have a licensed electrician install stationary or standby emergency generators.

How to Use

  • 始终按照制造商的说明,以确保安全和正确的操作.
  • To avoid electrocution, 使用重型电源将单个电器插入发电机, 室外额定电线,其线规足以满足电器负载.
  • DO NOT 将发电机直接连接到断路器面板上, 保险丝盒或仪表盒,因为它可能对公用线路工人造成危险.
  • 让儿童和宠物远离发电机.

Fuel Safety

  • 遵守所有地方,州和国家的电气和消防规范.
  • 将汽油储存在经批准的燃料容器中,并置于儿童够不到的地方.
  • 有一个充满电的、额定正确的灭火器(i.e.(适用于电气和燃气火灾)随时准备就绪.
  • Never 发电机运行时,给发电机补充燃料.
Beware of Fire Icon
Beware of Fire
  • 遵守所有地方,州和国家的电气和消防规范.
  • 将汽油储存在经批准的燃料容器中,并置于儿童够不到的地方.
  • 有一个充满电的、额定正确的灭火器(i.e.(适用于电气和燃气火灾)随时准备就绪.
  • 切勿在发电机运行时补充燃料.

Flooding Safety

在恶劣天气下,洪水和风暴潮是巨大的威胁. 它们可以破坏财产并造成危及生命的状况. 保护你所爱的人和事, and prepared for, 恶劣天气下的水浸. 访问国家气象局 Flood Safety page 获取更多资源.

Avoid Flood Waters Icon
Avoid Flood Waters

远离洪水和风暴潮. 它们可以隐藏通电的电线和其他危险. 等到洪水退去再出去. 

If rising water threatens your home – or if you evacuate your home – turn off your power at the main switch (circuit breaker panel or fuse box) in case water enters your home.

Hire a Professional

如果你的家或公司被洪水淹没, Tampa Electric can only reconnect power once the electrical system has been inspected by a licensed electrician. If there is damage, an electrician will need to make necessary repairs and obtain certification from your local building inspection authority before power can be restored.

Get an Inspection

如果你的车辆被淹没在水里,这可能是一个安全隐患. 不要将车辆存放在室内或靠近其他车辆. Have an authorized service technician inspect it for any damage that could pose a fire risk.

Know Your Zone Icon
Know Your Zone

Visit your county’s emergency management website to determine your flood and hurricane evacuation zones, get flood depth data, 洪水保险信息, 或者帮助居民进行财产防洪.

Turn Off Power Icon
Turn Off Power
  1. 当你长时间离开家的时候, 或者洪水即将来临, 趁家里还干的时候关掉电源. Flip each circuit breaker off one at a time and then turn off the main circuit breaker to avoid a fire hazard.
  2. 如果您的断路器盒位于外面或在一个有水的房间, 不要自己关掉电源. 联系你的公用事业公司,让他们关闭电表处的电源.
  3. 当你在洪水后回家时,不要自己打开电源. 让有执照的电工检查你的房子并重新接通你的电路.
Home Flooding Icon
Reduce Risk

If your home or business has flooded, follow these safety tips to reduce your risk of electrocution:

  • 站在水里时不要触摸任何电器或电器.
  • 不要触摸任何与水接触的电器.
  • 不要进入任何水已经超过电源插座的地方.
  • 小心任何电线可能在水下的区域.
  • Do NOT plug wet appliances in until they can be checked by a technician and found to be safe.
Avoid Charging Icon
Avoid Charging

If your EV has been submerged in water, do NOT attempt to drive it or connect it to charging! Check the manufacturer's guidelines to make sure it is safe to charge your EV in wet conditions.

Keep 'Em Dry Icon
Keep 'Em Dry

水和电不能混合! DO NOT touch wet electrical equipment such as transformers, circuit breaks, fuses, power lines, wiring, etc., 或用湿手使用或触摸湿电器, in or near water, 或者站在潮湿的地面上.

Natural Gas Safety

如果使用得当,天然气是安全可靠的. However, 和所有类型的能量一样, 不当或粗心使用可能会损坏财产或造成人身伤害. Learn more 保护你的家和生意的安全.

Check for Leaks Icon
Check for Leaks

注意潜在的气体泄漏. 如果你闻到臭鸡蛋的味道,这可能表明天然气泄漏. 搬得越远越好. Call 911 then Peoples Gas at 877-832-6747.

在暴风雨或疏散期间,你可以开着天然气. 虽然你可以关掉煤气用具的供应阀, 只有有资质的人员才能操作主阀. Pilot light issues should be addressed by a licensed plumber or appliance technician.

Additional Resources

Visit these helpful sites for additional information on severe weather and hurricane preparation, 恢复和紧急信息.





If you or a loved one have special needs and require help locating a shelter or transportation, 主要是在与风暴有关的紧急情况下, now is the time to contact your county’s emergency management agency to arrange for assistance.

A statewide registry provides emergency management agencies and first responders with valuable information about your special needs and to prepare and respond to disasters and other emergencies. 你的所有信息都是保密的. Visit 了解更多信息或联系您所在地区的特殊需求登记处.